Travel Stories Mobile is a great all-in-one app for travelers who want to carefully plan everything including travel itinerary, activities, schedule, locations, POI, transfers and costs in multiple currencies.

Travel Stories Mobile is useful for tracking visited places, taking notes, photos and costs. And that's not all!

Travel Stories Mobile takes all together and generates trip stats, calendar, journal, photo roll and expences report - a complete story of your trip in your hands!

Plan Map

Create trip plans and keep them on your device. Plan travel itinerary and duration visually with a nice looking graph.
Calc overall trip spendings by planning costs for each way and trip point, use multiple currencies.

Locations of points are displayed on a map. Navigate through them quickly forward and backward.
This feature is especially usefull on long multi-country trips.

Track Story

Mark visited trip points and accomplished activities, record notes, add photos and costs.
Overview all expenses per trip point, compare actual costs with budget, see savings/overruns.

You put all trip-related data in Travel Stories Mobile and we show you a detailed review of your trip - a nice and interesting story with all the details.